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Best CCTV Camera Installation Services in Delhi-NCR

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CCTV (closed-circuit television) is a TV system in which signals are not publicly distributed but are monitored, primarily for surveillance and security purposes. CCTV relies on strategic placement of cameras, and observation of the camera's input on monitors somewhere. We are very much competent to installation of any kind of CCTV cameras in your home, office, shopping complex or any other place all over in Delhi- NCR. As a reliable Company we are not only installs our cameras, even give our full effort to provide the complete service in the form of maintenance of these cameras.

These are some types of CCTV Cameras that we use for installation for every client in Delhi-NCR:

Dome Cameras :

Dome Security Cameras are named for their dome like shape. Dome cameras are commonly used in surveillance systems inside of homes, casinos, retail stores, and restaurants. This is because dome cameras are more fashionable and blend in very well to their surroundings. Because of their dome shape, it is difficult for someone to tell which direction the lens of a Dome Camera is actually aiming.

Bullet Cameras:

Bullet cameras are a variation of the box camera built into a permanently sealed weatherproof enclosure. They can be used indoors or outdoors without the need for additional hardware. Bullet cameras are often used because of their all-in-one design and attractive pricing.

C-Mount Cameras:

A C mount is a type of lens mount commonly found on 16 mm movie cameras, closed-circuit television cameras, machine vision cameras and microscope phototubes. C-mount lenses provide a male thread, which mates with a female thread on the camera.

PTZ Cameras:

PTZ stands for Pan Tilt Zoom. It is an acronym that is used to describe the camera's capabilities. A PTZ camera is able to be controlled with a remote control or joystick. It is able to be directed in several directions, including up and down, left of right, and can also zoom in & out.

Speed Dome Cameras:

Speed dome cameras are very versatile. They can be fastened to the wall or hung from the ceiling. Some are also tinted or shaded. This is especially useful for businesses and stores because they deter theft. Criminals will be less likely to steal from stores with cameras, and even less likely if they are unsure of the direction the camera is facing.

Wireless IP Cameras:

Wireless cameras and cloud cameras allow you set up a security system without the need to run wires around your home or business. A wireless security system acts as a visible deterrent to criminals, allowing you to record events at home and monitor staff at work. Some of our wireless cameras also connect to wireless monitors allowing you monitor and record footage from your wireless camera to review at a later date.

DVR (Digital Video Recorder):

A digital video recorder (DVR) is an electronic device that records video in a digital format to a disk drive, USB flash drive, SD memory card, SSD or other local or networked mass storage device. The term includes set-top boxes with direct to disk recording, portable media players and TV gateways with recording capability, and digital camcorders.

IP Cameras:

An Internet protocol camera, or IP camera, is a type of digital video camera commonly employed for surveillance, and which, unlike analog closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras, can send and receive data via a computer network and the Internet. Although most cameras that do this are webcams, the term "IP camera" or "net cam" is usually applied only to those used for surveillance.

IR Dome Cameras:

Infrared security cameras have the capability to capture video in low light and no light areas. Infrared cameras (IR) are sometimes referred to as IR cameras or "Night Vision Security Cameras" because of this. Infrared cameras have IR LEDs positioned around the outer edges of the camera lens which gives the camera its "Night Vision".

We provide specialized digital security and CCTV camera solutions for industries, hotels, retailers, educational institutes (Schools, Colleges and Institutes), health care institutions and hospitals and public places.

Security camera (CCTV Camera) is an important thing that you should have when you live in Delhi-NCR. There are many benefits that you can get from this product. Our company can provide you with the best CCTV camera for your office, house, and many other properties that you may have. There are some great services that we provide for our customers. Most of our customers are happy when they use our service.

Here are some recommended services that are available for you :

Regular CCTV Camera

Surveillance Camera

IP Camera

Warehouse Camera

Office CCTV


Installation Service

Reparation Service

We are also more than just a CCTV installation company, can also install alarm, access control systems and home automation systems for your peace of mind, or communal TV and entertainment solutions to meet other ends in your home.